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For those that may not read all of the details, read this:

This product is refurbished.


still a good ESL. I paid $120 for my kinect a month ago.


I've never ordered from Tanga before, but the reviews for the site look pretty good. Has anyone ordered from them before?


@mrhoppy: I have. I had no problems with them.


Will this work with my....... Xbox?


@mrhoppy: I order from them all the time. They are legit. A little slow on shipping sometimes. But nothing that takes to long.

Only hiccup I've ever had with them was when I did a subscription to vegetarian times magazine through them. Some how the subscription never went through but I was still charged for it.

I spoke to a tanga representative and they gave me the subscription for free and refunded my money. ^^

Supposedly the problem was on the publishers end not theirs. But either way. They are legit in my opinion. I've ordered from them 13 times.

oh and @luisibarra81 yes it will work with your Xbox and is not mac compatible =P


I have ordered a ton of magazines and a few random things from Tanga and have had no issues. I have contacted customer service once and they are fast and nice. I don't know if this is a super-deal after shipping considering it's a refurb. I might just spring for a new one instead.