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I love Costco. I would also recommend the Executive Membership if you can afford the extra $50 now.

Executive members get 1% of their purchases back at the end of the Costco year (Spring time), and will get at least $50 back (prorated if you weren't a member for a full year). So essentially you get your extra $50 back plus the chance to get more if you spend a lot (i.e. have lots of kids, like home exercise equipment, or have the biggest freezer ever).

As with all things, make sure to shop around, some stuff isn't always cheaper here, but for the most part, you are going to make the membership worth it.

Oh yeah, and there are samples.


Normally the membership is $50, so I guess if you're looking for a membership, this would be a good way to get an extra $10.


This is interesting.

People don't seem to complain about Costco being a "paid membership" shopping destination. You have to pay to see the merchandise, many of those are not even that significantly less expensive, or not less expensive at all.

Yet people always complain about flash sale sites asking for their email and password to view and buy high-end merchandise that Costco would never dream to sell, at 40-80% off.

What's the logic? Is it just because people are used to the habit to pay for Costco while flash sale is new?

Don't get me wrong, I adore Costco's management, particular the CEO Jim Sinegal whom I have met many many times. A great wonderful human being who care deeply about people. (I do have Costco membership).


@lll0228: I think it is roughly the same pattern where we'll spend $400 on a new device, but balk at the $1 price tag for an app, and spend hours looking for something free.

I figure it is easier to give a quick $50 for the membership and shop all year, than it is to part with your email address which some people think will get hacked and spammed to death.

I think it is interesting the lines people will draw, and would like to know about why. Good question.


@lll0228: Actually, anyone can get in a Costco, member or not. You just won't be able to buy anything (although I think optical/pharmacy/hearing depts are open to all.)


@stanleys: "Actually, anyone can get in a Costco, member or not. You just won't be able to buy anything"

Not the ones around here...they won't let you walk in the entrance without flashing your membership card. Members are allowed to bring guests, but the guests can't purchase anything.

They will let you walk into the exit without a card, as that's how you get to the area where you can purchase a membership.


In Michigan, it is the law that you can purchase beer and wine without a membership.. But hey, Costco is the best, I am a member and a stockholder.


Well, I know for a fact that the liquor is open to the public, so come one, come all!

Seriously though, they have some decent booze...I would highly recommend the Kirkland vodka...nearly the same as GG (not as smooth, but amazingly comparable)...and yes, I've heard all the rumors, I don't care about who makes's just damn fine and damn cheap. Prost!


I would go farther and recommend basically any Kirkland Signature products. They are generally better than average, and sometimes stunningly superior to brand name items. For example, the KS bar soap produces a lather so thick, it's almost beyond belief.


I am a Costco advocate, for 2 simple reasons:

Bulk (when you want it) and quality. I have been always satisfied with great quality items at Costco, I can't say that about ANY other place I've shopped at. Costco stands behind their quality and you have no questions asked returns. I've bought a vacuum (as an example) from Costco, and 1 year later, the motor died, I just returned it, got a full refund, walked in and bought a newer model, and I've been super happy with that.

Only other place where I had a no questions asked refund/replacement was REI, my Oakley's got crushed in the trunk hinge and I went back to buy a new pair, the guy actually said "so you want a refund... right?" and I said, but I broke it. And he said, but you are unhappy with the quality of the product? And I said.. well yes, cause its broken, so he quickly got me a refund and I walked out with a new pair. Its practically a Costco story. Anyway, many people I know agree, its the refund policy and quality!


If you have a Costco Cash Card, you are allowed in.

Have a member buy you one and put a $100 or so on it then go in and spend away. A lot of things are cheaper than you can find online. The semi/bi-monthly coupons, in my experience, completely change the pricing dynamic between costco and online stores. At online stores (like amazon), you can find a better deal than costco--but when you get those coupons, it makes it cheaper than you can get online. This generally applies to all coupon items. Some things just never get marked down enough to beat online stores though (some electronics).

Further, Kirkland Signature (Costco's brand) items are significantly cheaper than other brand counterparts. These are only sold at Costcos.

Lastly, their "return any item whenever you want for a full refund" policy is insane. They do not care why you are returning it, you get your money back. Electronic items, however, have a 90 day limit.


Ran out of text...
I want to add that Costco has a policy to fully refund your membership at any time if you are unhappy. You can literally wait for day 364 and cancel, getting your money back in full. I do not advocate this and I don't think you will actually do this because of how great Costco is, but this is always an option for any member at any time.

This should be incentive enough to purchase the membership, check out your local warehouse and if you don't like the pricing or items, you can always cancel for a refund.

You also receive a percentage of cash back if you get their American Express card that can end up giving you a bigger refund than the cost of the actual membership. This has happened for my family ever since we became members.

I don't see why someone wouldn't take advantage of this deal right away.


I tend to always buy from Costco items of more than $50 because if I buy it at and I don't like anything even if it does not match my dog they take it back. Returning an item to me is much easier than shipping.

Also they have special Costco only help lines. 2 months ago I had a problem with my Costco laptop talking to printer. The guy spent 4 1/2 hours free talking to me about something that I bought 22 months before ( they double the warranty).

Yes anyone can use Costco's Pharmacy. My dogs pills dropped from $44 every month to $12. Costco rocks.


I've actually been able to get Kirkland products through Amazon, and with the Prime membership I often get free 2-day shipping. I have been very pleased with the Kirkland products that I've purchased.


@curtisuxor: Not true - after cancelling my membership they charged me $50 and I had to go through dispute to get my money back.

I never liked costco - amazon and walmart and Sams club are much better.


Actually the executive membership pays 2%.

Anyone who has ever used Costco's no hassle return policy and tried doing the same thing at Sam's knows why Sam's is the Wal-Mart version of warehouse stores.


I signed up for this deal, but have yet to receive $10.00 coupon, no correspondence. Did anyone else who signed up have the same problem? I'm in Missouri.