dealswedding gowns - new styles w/ garment bag for $29…


Darn character limits!

I've bought 4 of their random wedding dresses in the past. All arrived in good shape, only one even had a smudge. Each of the ones we received arrived with the original price tags attached, the least expensive costing $850. All were in my daughter's size and we had a great time trying them on and playing with them. She is engaged (no date set) and we are thinking of taking apart a couple of these to combine the parts she likes best from each and create her own one-of-a-kind dress. The others we are donating to a local charity, although I'm sure someone who regularly does the eBay thing could make a few bucks selling these. If any had fit me I would have kept one to use for a Halloween costume. Hmmm. I might have to order another!