dealslysol healthy touch no-touch hand soap system…


Riddle me this Batman -

Why would you need a touchless soap dispenser, when you are going to be washing your hands after you touch it? Wouldn't it make more sense to have a touchless faucet or towel dispenser/hand dryer?

I am not saying it is a bad deal. I just don't understand the necessity of the product.


@colonelpuffpuff: Yeah, it's kind of a weird one to justify. For me it goes something like this: I just finished seasoning some chicken and my hands are coated with very strong smelling herbs, spices plus raw chicken juice, of course... it's kind of yucky for me to be grabbing the soap bottle when the next person, who might only need to wash away some melted chocolate needs to over-contaminate themselves just to wash their simpler soil away.
I guess it's kinda like going to the gym, having forgotten your soap at home, and lo and behold someone left a bar behind. Full of hair. :-) Yeah, at the end of the day it's soap. But it sure would be nice to not have to deal with previous filth to get the new filth off.
BTW, I'm very interested in one of these, but don't have one yet since every single one I'd seen had terrible reviews. This is the first one I've seen with good reviews at a decent price, so I just might bite.


i have owned these for a couple months, the real advantage isn't the no-touch germ free side, it's the convenience and it regulates how much soap you use. We use too much soap in this house and these have slowed down our consumption. Also, if your hands are greasy or really messy, sometimes it's hard to push down on the soap pump without knocking it around the counter, etc. these make life very easy at the sink for a small price (you do have to pay for convenience). I recommend these, and also the kitchen system (that soap is the best, cut through baked on spots on the bottom of my frying pans with ease, no soap has done that before Lysol)