deals32 gb class 10 sd memory card for $19.99 + freeā€¦


Has anyone ever purchased from this company before? Seems like a great deal, but sometimes these no name brands don't work well in High Def Cameras and DSLR's... Anyone who has used one and has some feedback would be helpful!


There are reviews, that's (one of the) best thing(s) about newegg:

Sounds like people wanting this thing to be performing as an actual class 10 are very disappointed. HD video enthusiasts particularly found it wanting. Was thinking about it (I need 2 of them) but I'll pass on this one.


@effingroovin: Yes, I use Newegg ALL the time. I build my own computer systems for myself and others and almost exclusively use Newegg to order all my computer parts. Excellent customer service.

Even though many of the reviews don't list this as being a real class 10 card, the speeds are still very good for a 32gb SD card. Gonna hafta get one of these for my smart phone.


I posted a deal for an AData Class 10 32GB that has pretty good reviews that's only 10 bucks more at 29.99 also free shipping. I picked one of those up myself. TFor me, I'd rather spend the extra 10 bucks for one with decent reviews.



I have noticed most brands that claim Class 10 seem to be hit or miss on actually reaching those speeds resulting in about a 4/5 on reviews. Take into consideration that you are more likely to hear from a dissatisfied customer than a happy one.