dealssubscribe to or renew make magazine with codeā€¦


I tattled this deal to try and get a @mod to put the picture of the hacked roomba from the cover of volume #27 as the thumbnail.

You can see it here:


@baqui63: Make is fine, but I admit that I liked it better when it first came out. I gave away all my issues some time ago (I just have other interests, and the person I gave them to appreciates them). On the other hand, the subscription to the magazine gives you greater access to the web site, and that alone is worth the $$$.

If you like to tinker, or are working on interesting projects, Make is your natural home.


@shrdlu: My younger daughter is taking robotics this year (11th grade) and I was feeling I should get her something more "from-dad-like" than the clothes she'd already gotten for her 16th birthday (which was Thursday).

When I saw the deal on MAKE it was almost like a sign. Then, seeing the cover of Vol#27 with the hacked Roomba, I knew I had to get it for her as one of the main reasons I've wooted two Roombas was to do some hacking on them with her.


I can confirm the code works on renewals


I can confirm this code STILL WORKS on renewals!