dealsget a peppermint stick swirl shake w/ purchase of…


Arby's is making money off of you when you buy this. Not a deal.


When you absolutely must add that extra 400 calories to your combo meal! I'm thinkin' stretchy pants...


Doesn't a combo COME with a drink?? As if I need sandwich, side, drink AND dessert.


@kuragari: Is it only a deal if Arby's loses money? Besides, if you buy a combo, wouldn't it be nice to get something extra with it, or do you only want the combo for the same price? Think man, think!!!


for those that haven't tried one yet, these things are delish. As long as you like sugar and peppermint, try one. mmmmMMM.


@kuragari: If that's the case, then there are very few 'deals' as most are only lowering their profit margin. This is unless, however, you purchase something like a printer or game console, which are usually sold for close to manufacturing costs ( or, sometimes, below ) because they know they'll make money on ink or games.

I'm definitely going to have this for lunch today!


3 years ago I was on a business trip, driving from MEM toward Tupelo. I stopped at that restaurant in New Albany, MS for a sandwich. That evening I had a brush with death from food poisoning. Quite literally one of the very worst nights of my life....just seeing this deal made me a little queasy.


@24601: I'm sorry you had a bad experience one time at a single Arbys several years ago. Food poisoning is awful! I don't know what you're trying to get at though. Do you believe that someone getting this deal will also get sick?


@zmomma: Try 690 calories, according to their website. Ouch...


Option 1: Pay regular price, and leave satisfied.
Option 2: Bring coupon, pay regular price, get bonus item, and leave feeling victorious.
Option 3: Bring coupon, pay regular price, get bonus item, don't eat all of the food, and leave feeling savvy.
Option 4: Complain, because they will obviously force you to eat everything, and then laugh at you.
Option 5: Slander the company with implied criminal activity, but no proof.

Grow up, children.


That peppermint shake is awesome!


I got this today. It was flippin' delicious but, with a combo, I could only finish 1/4 and then I gave mine away. This is a heart-attack waiting to happen.. a delicious creamy heart attack. Did I say it was giant? I would recommended bying the smallest combo you can find on the menu if you even want to attempt to finish this.