dealsharry potter years 1-5 blu-ray for $24.99


What's the difference between this and US version?


@martinez69: There are different previews and the packaging is a bit different (may include some French on the packaging). The first movie may go by the international name; Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. But that should be it.

Well, actually, there are small little changes in the movie like Hogwarts being called CanadianBaconWarts and hockey replacing quidditch. But besides that, it's pretty much exactly the same. =P


Finally a real deal. I'm not the biggest Harry Potter fan but this is one of the best deals i've seen on woot! in awhile. I might just pick this up just cause it's on Blu Ray.


Using promo code "GAMER25" might be a slightly better deal as it's supposed to take 25% off


gamer25 takes 25% off the shipping so it only takes off 1.24 for me. Better to use the original code.


In for one. My significant other has never seen any of the Harry Potters. Facepalm.jpg