dealsfarberware pro forged 12 piece knife set for $39…


Forged? I'll wait for the real ones.


Forged knives are actually good for a set in this price range.
Most cheap knife sets are stamped out of sheet of metal and then sharpened.

Forged knives come from thicker stock and are worked into shape before sharpening. Forged high carbon steel is also stronger, since stamped knives must be made with metal that can deform during the stamping process.This means a stronger, heavier knife which will usually last longer, feel better in the hand, have less defects, and require less sharpening.

This set is also triple riveted, full tang handle, which means the handles won't come loose after a few years. (Full tang means the metal from the blade extends all the way through the handle, rather than only partway.)


This set is proof that "forged" and "full-tang" are not indicators of quality. They may have been thirty years ago, but now high quality knives can be cut out of high quality sheet steel (like Gobal and Shun).


Forged as in fake.. like a forged check..It was a joke.