dealsxbox 360 live 12-month gold membership…


$20 off helped me get one for each of my teenagers.


Good deal, i got one last time they had the deal about a month ago - a little slow on shipping though... took almost 2 weeks to come in the mail.


I know of an even better deal. Get a PS3 and play online COMPLETELY FREE.


Best price I've seen this year is $34.99, so I guess this isn't too bad.


@mrc131: That doesn't seem like such a good deal. Isn't a PS3 more expensive than forty bucks?


Excellent deal. Goes well with the new Xbox I bought my kid for Christmas!


@mrc131: Yea, and pay 300$ for a lesser system with worse games, not as comfortable controller, and doesn't have the Kinect? Tempting.

Not to mention online gaming is on the PSN server, rather than individually hosted games. The difference there is that we can have good connections and really fast games with no lag, vs trying to have a million people connect to the same computer takes forever and tends to have significant blips regularly.

On a side note, the PS3 does have bluetooth and bluray, but doesn't everybody have a bluray player by now?


@mrc131- There is no comparison between PS and Xbox 360. They have a better system, all around better online experiencing, absolutely better games, and in my opinion the best controller on the market.


@passenger57: I tried to get that deal a few days ago--alas, it sold out so quickly. This will do.
@adtravesty: No feeding the trolls.


@mrc131: I would definitely rather pay the couple bucks a month to have online gaming that doesn't lag, has faster download speeds, etc.. just saying.


@mrc131: Lol, that's cute.... He thinks that PSN is a viable alternative to Xbox LIVE... Yeah, buddy. When I want my profanity to be hacked every other month and have global service outages on a regular basis, I'll switch over...


@mjregier: of course, my ps3 is my bluray player!


@mrc131: ur stealing all my downvotes damn you LEL