dealsl.e.d. color changing clock from windy city…


Quantity Price (USD)
Per clock, 1 - 11 clocks. $4.90
Per clock, 12 - 47 clocks. $4.50
Per clock, 48 + clocks. $3.90

I dont plan on buying 48 of them to get that price


These clocks while cute are ridiculous. I got the Hello Kitty one that was posted here a while ago. It comes with the watch battery that only runs the LED display. The additional four AAA's you need only run the color change. While it has a place for an adapter (which it does NOT come with, you have to provide your own), that will only power the color change. Not the clock.

So for the price of the clock you'll be paying the same amount per watch battery just to use it. Cute, but so not worth it.