dealskindle matchbook for $0.99


Just checked my titles. Not many available. None of my Microsoft manuals. But hopefully if this catches on they'll have more of them.


Anathem is on this list!! Hooray! I can now re-read the book without having to worry about a broken foot if I drop the book on it. (Seriously. The thing is huge: like 700-800 pages. I don't think that Stephenson believes in editing anymore.)


Not too many matches for me but I'm sure it will grow over time.

I also just found out about the related Audible Matchmaker program. For titles you've purchased on a Kindle, you get a discount on the Audible title. If you are into audio books, it seems like a good deal. When you listen on Audible it will sync where you are on your Kindle.

I picked up Stephenson's Reamde a few months back for 99¢ and can now get the Audible version for $4.50 instead of $27.

Also, there are several public domain works that you can get free on Kindle and then pay 99¢ to get the Audible version.

You don't have to be an Audible subscriber and the Audible app is pretty easy to use.