dealsdeluxe outdoor inflatable movie screen, 12…


I thought showing movies outside, late at night, was why we painted the house white. We could buy a screen for this? Dang, what won't they think of next? Maybe I'll haul out the Lazy Boy for Junior, and we can all have some Bud, and have non-stop showings of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again, and Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One for the Road. My life is complete.


I like things that are inflatable.

(Does it come with a patching kit? Those are handy. I don't know how to use a water-proof epoxy/cement and cut a piece of vinyl.)


I've got some friends that we all get together and watch movies in the summer like this - but we've always shown it on the side of a building. I think I'm going to get one for our backyard drive-in movie nights.