dealsm48 kommando ranger hawk axe for $29.99


If I hadn't picked up a SOG Fasthawk last week for $20 (Wal-Mart in store), I would seriously consider this one.


I am impressed at the reviews, had to go for one considering these are on amazon for around 50 bucks shipped. Paid less then 36 bucks shipped from thinkgeek. For about the price of the reg version, you get a compass, paracord and the tactical green color. This is a heck of a deal. Can't wait to receive mine!. Saw a youtube video, guy threw it from about 70 feet and it stuck right into the plywood!. If your a survivalist or a prepper i would recommend getting this!.


more impressed with this deal actually...
it's the axe, with a nice looking self defense knife that has a shoulder strap to hide it under your shirt.

plus it's only 28 dollars!


Bring it, Zombie Apocalypse.


@zwaldo: read the description carefully, the knife does not come with the axe. You have to spend an additional 28 bucks.