dealswendy’s free jr frosty for the rest of 2013 with…


I called three of the Wendys in my area and none of them have heard of this promo so your YMMV.



@coondogg97: Yeah, I have seen this promotion posted many times before, but the problem is that VERY few of them even know what the heck is going on, much less actually having the key chains available for purchase. HUGE YMMV!


Locations I called in Louisville, KY are participating, but most of them are already out of the key tags and don't know if they will be getting any more.


I don't want the frosty with my meal. Will they make it after I finish eating? Fine print says the frosty comes free with purchase.


They sold these out the window at our local Wendy's a few years ago. I bought one and I don't believe we ever actually got to use it before it went missing...

Still, a pretty good little promotion!


The signs for the 2013 tags were out at all the local Wendy's in my area just after Thanksgiving. Strange others don't seem to know anything about it. Truly YMMV.


The PA/NJ/DE Tri State locations participate. The location I went to gave their proceeds to an Adoption charity. The free frosty is tiny, the $0.79 Junior size. Its a great size for me and you can't beat giving $0.21 to charity if you only ever get one free frosty. It's all profit from that point on.


Any chance any of the NYC locations offer this?


little hidden secret about this promotion:
Whenever I go through the Drive Thru they never asked to see the keychain which was attached to my car keys. You could potentially say you have this and get away with not having it. For only a dollar though you might as well buy one if available in your area.

One location in my area only accepted one per purchase, however, many accept one per purchase per keytag.


Me too! I'd rather drink my malt after the meal and not with it. I'd "guess" you can tell them when you order your meal that you'd rather pick up the malt later, they note it on the receipt at my Wendys but YMMV


@ocnomad and @jjeff - HAHAHAHA! First world problems...


none at the wendy's in my town


I've had one of these little keychain tabs on my keys for years now... every year I just wait until they go on sale again. I thought, however, that the charity for ALL Wendy's locations was the Dave Thomas foundation, as he was the founder of Wendy's! The Dave Thomas foundation is a charity for the placement of domestic foster care children in adoptive homes.


Gotta hurry on down to Wendy's! I haven't checked if they have it, but I've gotten this the past two years from them, so I'm guessing they have it.


I got one last January and never had a problem using it all year, pretty sweet deal.


Works in Orem, UT - University Pkwy location. Bought some extras. Anyone wanna pay me $3 each for some? ;)


Smallest little frosty in the world. I did this and stopped asking for my free frosty because it so small it annoyed me.


I purchased 2 keychains last year as my local wendys. It's great to be able to grab a small fry and 2 jr frostys on the way home :)

I did however have one guy tell me about 5 times I can't use 2 at a time, just one..unless I had someone else with me. But he'd give me two anyway...


Question: if I purchase one of these at one Wendy's that knows about this promo, can I use it at another that doesn't know about it/doesn't offer the keytag?


They are available in the puget sound area. Where we live they will upgrade your frosty depending upon how many keychains you have (2 will get you a small, 3 a medium, 4 a large).


@ocnomad: I had one last year and no purchase was neccesary. a couple of times I stopped and got only the frosty for my daughter as a treat. just ordered at the window and showed the tag. no problems.


where can I have one in China?


@coondogg97: The Wendy's nearest me is a franchisee, and at the beginning of 2012 the manager told me this franchisee had chosen not to sell the tags - but that it was considered a National coupon/promotion so that ALL restaurants were REQUIRED to honor the tag if you had one, even if they were not selling them.

She then proceeded to tell me where the nearest Corporate store was located (another 3 miles down the road, in my case) so that I could buy my tags.

And now I need to run and get my tags for 2013....


Beware: Wendys has been getting lots of reports of food poisoning from frostys. I got hit with it last month and it was the worst food poisoning I have ever had.


I have one of these cards and it's nice to get a little extra with one's meal...THANKS Wendy's!!


Great deal that works all over Michigan. We use ours all the time. Just purchased the new ones.


It was $2 to buy the 2013 key tag at my local Wendy's in Chicagoland.


I just picked one up in Iowa for $2. The back says "One Free Jr. Frosty per transaction per visit per key tag with any purchase. Valid at participating Wendy's in Central IL, Eastern IA, and Hannibal/Palmyra/Kirksville/Herculaneum/St. Joseph/Cameron, MO.
I don't know if those are the only areas running the promotion, or if they key tags are localized depending on the charity or what the deal is, but if you live in one of these areas, the promotion should be good.


Not available in my area.


The dollar goes to charity, so even if you only use it once or twice its worth it. You heartless bastards :)


The Wendys in Kalamazoo, MI just got theirs in. Picked one up today, says it works in all participating Michigan Wendys.


Back again in San Antonio - Fredericksburg location...75% of proceeds go to charity.
Makes a great stocking stuffer.