dealsaccutire programmable digital tire gauge for $7.85


I bought one of these tire gauges a while back, and I must say that I have been overall very pleased with it. It is much easier to read and use than a traditional gauge. In addition, this price is less than what I paid.


The fancy tire pressure gauges as nice but do yourself a favor and buy a 2 dollar manual gauge at the local auto parts dealer of your choosing. You will thanks me when the battery dies on this and you find yourself in need to checking the pressure as you re-inflate your spare tire.


Bought this one on Amazon and when checking tires this one is easy to use and far more accurate than a pencil gauge. All my other tire gauges are RETIRED!

You can program the proper pressure from the door sticker for multiple vehicles.

It reads to the 10th of a pound and lights up and combined with the large screen make this chore a breeze!

Oh, and it has a low battery indicator...


Dead Deal.
The deal is now for... well lets just say that if you came here looking for the tire pressure gauge, you will not want to buy the new deal...


The deal is dead, but you can still buy it for $10 on eBay with free shipping.