deals$15 for $25 to for $15.00 + free…


Hot dang I love this store! Time for me to stock up on some duck decoys and fluorescent orange coveralls!


@dmaz: Remember to stock up on fox urine. Even if you don't need it fox urine is good to have.


Ya know... I don't get this offer...

It reads spend $15 at cabelas to get a $25 gift card, which would make a total of $35 cabelas goods for only $15... when in fact, it looks like I'm paying $15 to savemore to get a $25 cabelas gift card, which totals $25 of cabelas goods for $15... and you have to wait til Jan to order...

not worth it... even for a bottle of fox urine.


Fox urine also keeps zombies away! Isn't that what Will Smith used in "I Am Legend"?


@rabidmonkeyoncrack: Can't figure out how they get a fox to pee in one of those little bottles. Hate to have that job!


You put the fox in the bottle, then after it pees, you take the fox out.


@wolruf: But how would a fox lift his leg in such a small space?