dealsintex pull-out sofa for $57.74 + free shipping


Use to have this, use to call them "Flip and (words that rhymes with ducks)"

Greatest thing ever... for about a month. They're not really made for prolonged use. Also, they are horrible in the snow as a sled.


@plex49: You're funny as word that rhymes with duck!


Hi all, I'm very interested in this item but I'm a bit baffled by the above comments. After extensive research on the matter, I'm still lost at the "flip and tuck" comment. Is this a hidden feature of the production in question?


This looks interesting to me, but it seems they don't last. I usually watch TV upstairs while I'm on my computer, but would this hold up for one person occasionally watching TV or playing on a game console downstairs? I probably wouldn't be sitting on it more than a few hours a week.


Meh, anything inflatable with that many joints (which will actually pivot during regular use) can't last long. I'm not shocked so many reviewers found multiple holes at the joints. (To say nothing of the holes due to joints... Sorry, couldn't help myself.)

Anybody in the market for something like this — a cheap flip-and-tuck solution — would probably be happier for spending an extra $100 and buying one of these:


@shoutingloudly: You're probably right. The idea of a feather-light couch is appealing, but maybe I'll check how much it would be to ship the Ikea one.


I love the idea, but worry about the quality. The last two pictures show a popped dimple. Pretty bad when the advert for the thing shows a flaw.


"Pull-out sofas"
Is that a reference to the action of the sofa or the method prefered by those who typically use them?


@plex49: huh, pull out couch. That means 2 things.


@robhedrick: Technically those are customer images.