dealsamazon $5.00 credit with digital game storeā€¦


Amazon's been running the $5 credit for a while; There have been slightly better deals before, ie The Sega Genesis pack with 50 Sega Gen games for $5 + the $5 promo.

No one really knows what the "Editors Choice" selection will entail, so keep in mind it could very well be $5 off a game with a retail price of $39.99-$50, so if you're going this route to potentially get another game for free, or next to nothing it might not happen.

The best deal bar none is Dungeon Defenders; which is 2 copies for $5, one for you, one for a friend. Steam's regular price is $7.49 for 1 copy, with it occasionally being on sale for $3.50-$5.00 during there major sales throughout the year.



Yeah...after seeing the editors choice, not really impressed. Hotline Miami is the best bet, but even then I picked it up for as low as $4.49 via gamefly, to pay $7.50 when the typical sale price was $4.99 (frequently on sale) makes it kind of lack-luster and almost negates the promo code