dealstransformer prime 32gb tablet for $249.99 + freeā€¦


Check the BBB for the complaints against this seller before you buy anything from them. A couple hundred complaints all about trying to get the seller to stand behind one of the many "refurb" items they have sold.

Buyer beware!!!!!


Granted, while I have only bought small things from them, I've never had any issues other than slow shipping, but that's to be expected from these sites that ship from Hong Kong.


I've bought many things from this seller. I've never had a problem with any of the items, including big ticket items. Although, I always read reviews very carefully as they will sell anything and everything and have avoided those items with too many negative reviews.

The only issue I've had (besides the slow shipping) is that twice they have told me that weren't going to send the item because it was not in acceptable condition and they cancelled my orders several weeks later after inquiring about the status of the item.

But the deals are worth the above mentioned hassles. This is a pretty good deal and it has a 90 day warranty.


@Superattorney, I echo your sentiment. I have bought many items from this seller. One must consider that some of the items they sell are slightly sub-par items at a VERY low price, and many are refurbs. If you go in with the right attitude, you won't be disappointed. I have only had the best of luck with them and their sister sites.


I orered a "recertified" iPad 2 and it arrived looking like it had been run over by a truck. It even had a funky rattle to it.

After I sent them pics of the pad and shipping box they promptly sent me a return label and a promise to refund. Its been three weeks now and I'm sure they will hold their end.

Always use PayPal and never be afraid to threaten with a claim. Most sites are not willing to take a pay pal ding and will refund in the rare case of an obvious q/c slip like in my case.

That said, I have over ten orders with O/SDAY and till now no issues.


Ordered from several of these sites. Tanga (which owns lolshirts) and Daily Steals are the worst. Over 6 - 8 weeks and expect at least 2 weeks of constant pursuit to get a refund. The worst part is that even after cancelling the order they will send (weeks after cancellation) it hoping hoping you keep it. 1 sale a day is the same from the horror stories a few friends have shared after what happened to me. That being said they do sell from within other storefronts like Newegg. Purchased a jacket realizing the market place seller was 1sad and it arrived in 2 weeks. If you can spare the time and hassle with dubious vendors like this then more power to you.

In any case with any vendor buyer beware and use the before you purchase.


@darksoul13: Totally agree on Dailysteals,that is a site to AVOID. Tanga is very slow and forget about Brad their customer service guy they talk about.I'm thinking young Brad is a cardboard cut out because if they even answer your question(unlikely) you will have to wait about seven days for a reply. Bought more than a dozen times from 1Saleaday and yes they can be very slow but have always received the product within three weeks. My 1Sale purchases have never been expensive items so I would buy from them again but not a big ticket item. FYI 1Sale and Ben's Outlet is the same company.


I ordered from them and always received the item, but it takes over a month. They do answer email in a day or so. The Nikon I ordered took 6 weeks of pestering, but they did overnight it. The Nikon was a Europe model with international warranty. Since the Nikon was new, qualified for Square Trade and Credit card extended warranty. I'd be hesitant on refurbs unless thru Woot with Square Trade link as Square Trade does not offer extended warranty for refurbs.


I have ordered tons of stuff from 1sale, daily steals, yugster etc and of course Woot.. And besides slow shipping no problems at all. I bought 2 tv's, computers, Dyson, 4 roku, etc and only 1 tv for which I had a return rma same day. I guess its hit and miss with all these sites but I love them all.


Great price, terrible terrible tablet. Slow, no gps, weak wifi, slow.. (The cpu is fast, the ram is decent, but any time it touches the "disk" - flash - it grinds to a halt. After squaretrading mine for a refund I tried the top of the line infinity. GPS etc worked great but it had the same awful flash. Ended up getting a nexus 10, and it is night and day better.)


@disconnect: A few things. The TF201 does have GPS, there were just minor problems with it at times, solved by a connector. The wifi I haven't ever had a problem with. Speed is awesome, I haven't noticed any slowdown.

As for the site, I guess I would prefer to avoid it. Usually has amazingly horrible delays, lost packages somewhere between their warehouse and the truck to take it away, no communication until you ask where it is.. and several times until they fess up that there is a real problem. Overall, no on 1saleaday.


@disconnect....I never had any of those kinds of problems, either with my TF200 or my TF300T.....I am not really sure what issues you are blaming on the memory, but NAND flash by definition runs very fast...These Asus tablets have a great track record and very few bad reviews in the time they have been released...