deals2 silicone baking mats -€“ non-stick, easy clean…


I bought these from dealgenius several months ago and they are terrible- they bubble up in the oven, making your cookies all wavy and running into each other. The site offered to send a replacement set, and they were exactly the same. Don't waste your time or money.


@karathrash: Well, that's disappointing. I only discovered parchment in the last few years and I was hoping that these would be even better.


I don't know if they are the exact same brand, but I have two very similar mats and they are great. I got a Silpat for xmas and am curious if it's any different since they are supposed to be awesome. Silicone mats are pretty fantastic though, especially for baking thin cookies like Irish Lace. Makes parchment seem like chicken wire.


@nicabus: I guess I'll try them after all. At this price it isn't much of an investment. I've liked most of the silicon kitchen products I've acquired, but didn't have any luck with the cake pans that look like large oreos. The design on top didn't show up clearly. On the other hand, potholders and trivets and spatulas, etc. made of silicon are terrific!


Yes, Silpats are the way to go- what's different about them is they have a layer of fiberglass between two layers of silicone. The fiberglass is what prevents them from bubbling up when heated. They are pricey, but worth it. These on the other hand are not- you will use them once, they'll ruin your baked goods, and you'll be out the money.