dealslenovo ideatab a2107 android tablet for $78.00…


Not a great deal for a tablet with an old processor and 4 generations behind on the operating system. Even the el-cheapo tablets have 4.1 or 4.2 anymore.

EDIT: like this one:


A word of caution. Everytime I have ordered something from Lenovo (3 or 4) it has taken three weeks to a month to ship and somebody has to be there to sign for the package no matter what is inside. I had to sign for cheap headphones. YMMV.


@robio: Not to nit-pick too much (and I agree about the processor being a bit weak). The Zeki that you are comparing it to has half as much built in storage (8gb vs. 16gb). No rear facing camera vs. dual camera's on the Lenovo. It looks like the Zeki is not GooglePlay certified (you'd have to use a third party app store). What would really bother me is that the Zeki has a battery rated at 2.5hrs vs. over 10hrs for the Lenovo. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate anyone pointing out a products deficiencies but the Zeki isn't a good choice either.


Made the mistake of buying a Lenovo tablet once. Even on standby it would only hold a charge for 8 hours or so unless you activated Airplane mode. Turned out it was trying to connect to the cellular network and wasn't finding one so it kept retrying. The problem was that the tablet didn't have a cellular modem! I finally had to bypass that module in the kernel.


@bunnyb0y the only comparison I was drawing was that even cheap crap tabs now come with Jelly Bean.


I own 3 Thinkpads from Lenovo.Love all three, selling one since my newest is broadband-equipped.
Delivery has actually been good; the last one I ordered 2 weeks before Christmas and received in 5 business days.
If you sign up with UPS, you can sign a delivery waiver allowing them to leave packages without a signature. My UPS guy and I are on a first name basis and he leaves my deliveries out of sight when I'm not here to sign.


@robio: I agree with you about this tablet, definitely not a good deal- the Zeki probably is better, but definitely other better options. For $89 I bought 6 of the Hisense Sero pro 7 (refurb) from 1saleaday back in November. These are great tablets, Tegra 3, 1280x800, dual cameras, SD slot, google certified.

This is even a good deal at $49, it's the dual core non-pro version of the Hisense tablet above. Lower resolution (same as the Lenovo), SDHC slot, google certified