dealsjos a bank - 70% off every suit online


There's an ad on the radio and TV offering: Buy 1 suit get a free suit plus two shirts and 2 silk ties, in-store.


LOL @ Jos. A. Bank and their absurd ad blitzes. I see a different ad every week and they are all the same. They strategically markup items and pawn it off as a "deal". In fact, I refuse to buy from them just because of their obnoxious commercials.

The Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act recently signed into law by Obama will be devastating for Mr. Bank, lol.


Wife: "Honey by chance did you pick up stuff for salads on your way home?"
Joseph A. Bank guy: "Yes I did. Cucumbers and carrots, FIFTY percent off."
Wife: "That's great."
Joseph A. Bank guy: "Entire stock of lettuce, croutons, and grated cheese, FIFTY percent off."
Wife: "I want a divorce."
Joseph A. Bank guy: "Cost of a divorce, FIFTY percent off."
Wife: "I wish you were dead."
Joseph A. Bank guy: "Going rate on domestic homicide, FIFTY percent off."


@theghastlyghost: I hear you. However, this is not their typical weekly sale. It is a great deal where you only need to buy one thing, and it includes their nice high-end suits.


I love their radio commercials - That guys sounds like it is the most amazing thing in the world. Better that Disney World!


If you care about money I swear I have never got greater deals, than at ebay for things like Brooks Brothers Suits etc. Just amazing.



@dgrimmer: This was going to be my exact response. Being in business, I'm always looking for a deal on new suits. Though I don't run right in and buy, I do listen to Joseph A Banks commercials. They range from BOGO to as much as buy one get two more free plus 3 free shirts. So this sale is nice for someone who only needs one suit and doesn't want to spend a few hundred bucks up front.

Second, I would remind everyone that the tailoring is also way over priced. HUGE profit made there. A $400 suit quickly turns into a $575 suit. I'd recommend finding a reputable tailor elsewhere. They probably charge 1/4 of what these suit shops do.


@thebopster: actually its buy 1 suit get 2 free suites, 2 free ties, and 2 free shirts, BUT THAT DEAL IS OVER

its a good deal,better then 70% off, but they overcharge so much they can still make $

MOST PEOPLE dont need 3 suits all at once, they need 1 suit, so this 70% off suits(pun intended) more people


this just proves they charge 80-90% more then they should


70% off on a $1,300 suit? C'mon!


Notice they never show the spokesperson in their ads, it's because he's wearing Rustler jeans and a Starter Tshirt.


@firebirdude: Let me also add that I would NEVER buy a suit without trying it on in person. Subtle differences in thread stitch or fabric texture can make a huge difference in the suit's overall look. Additionally, some suits just fit differently regardless of tailoring.

I would honestly recommend just waiting for those super sales in store to happen again. You can look at/try on everything in person and save just about as much. And besides.... don't be that guy who always wears the same suit to every formal occasion. Every wedding, every funeral, every formal dinner, every job interview, etc.


@fit410s: You are right, it's 2 free suits. I just heard the ad again and the deal is still going on here, but I wouldn't buy a suit without putting it on first. I bought a few very nice fitted suits at Boscov's a couple of years ago and paid under $200 each.


@peasywease: lol yeah. is there ever a time where its full price? if not then its false advertising.

just like those rug stores that got busted for having a going out of business sale for over 4 years lol


@peasywease: lol. Sure, the guy in the $5,000 suite.... C'mon!


Profit is why they are in business! In an economy where business fails left and right putting people out of jobs, JAB is expanding and setting ever higher goals in a market with lots of competition. My hat is off to them!

BTW, I've been delivering their merchandise to them for over 7 years. A dynamic company that cares about their customers and when in the market for quality clothing it is the first place I look!