dealsred gecko shaped suction cup hook for $0.99…


Must. Resist. Purchase. Must. Resist.

I know, I know, resistance is futile. What a fun looking little guy! The joy I could get out of these, whether or not I ever used them for hooks. Thanks for bringing more happiness into this lovely spring day. :-D

[Edit] The other colors are HARD to find. Here's the link to yellow:

I gave up on finding orange (and don't care about blue).


@shrdlu: I didn't resist, I knew it was futile.

I don't know if I will ever actually use it as a hook but it will make a nice decoration for my bench at work. :)

To find the other colors - search for GECKO and they pop right up.

I didn't want to include the links to the other colors, as they frown on having direct links to other products here.


Nice find :) Exactly what I need for my shower :) Bought a 2 pack in case one of my roommates wants one :) Thanks for posting!


@tashlan: Your welcome.

My brain must me roasted from the unexpected three days of sunshine that came to our gray state, as I didn't even think about using these in the shower or bathroom.


looks like you you can order a 2pk of each color in a single order search gecko


Red's out of stock, however the other three colors are still available... blue, yellow, and orange. I bought a two pack of each color.


Hehe, this will work great to freak out my wife, she is terrified of geckos for some reason...