dealsup to 85% off glass beads sale


>>satire alert<< No, no, no! This is a dangerous place to shop, especially if you like colored stones and colored glass beads and have a credit card handy. I buy stuff I can't possibly use, since I have neither the imagination nor the skills for making jewelry, but just because it's so beautiful and intriguing that I'm led into thinking maybe I will go take a class or two.

[sigh] Aside from the risk of killing my budget, it's one of my favorite places to shop online.


@magic cave: It sounds like you actually know what you are doing already, but for anyone who wants to try it out, no need to take a class. It's all very easy. I sell "Do-it-yourself" kits at my table and include a slip with the address for a basic tutorial. Please be kind and do not make fun of my typos.