dealsomaha steaks deluxe holiday collection for $49.99…


Plus shipping. That's a drag.


This deal appears to be wrong.

The cost of this item is $161. The "deal" is that you get free shipping.

This blurb really says that any order exceeding $49 includes free shipping. However, at the website, it says that your order must exceed $79 for free shipping.

I checked briefly around the website, and as a veteran deals shopper, I would say don't waste your time visiting If you want quality meats, go to your local butcher store, where you will get better meats at a cheaper price easily compared to this website.


@hapee: I disagree strongly. My inlaws introduced us to Omaha Steaks many years ago and we are huge fans! What you buy in most local butcher shops is not of the same quality. You might be able to find similar items in local specialty shops, but these prices are terrific.

And the deal I posted is $49.99 today only. That puts the price just over the $49 required for free shipping. I'm not sure what you folks are seeing when you click the link, but I double checked and it takes me to the right page to buy this package. If it's not working for you, please let me know what you're seeing.


@belyndag: I clicked "I want one" link, and the site offers the deal just as you described it.


@mtw1057: Thanks! I was worried after reading the other posts. Not quite sure what they're seeing.


I would like to order the holiday collection. $49.95 but I can't get past it all


@zoller1222: This deal is from 2 years ago. It has been expired for a looooong time!