dealsooma telo voip home phone system (refurbished…


Have had older model for years best investment I have ever made.


Got the old hub that is totally free after the initially purchase many years ago, and shipped a Telo to the inlaws overseas. The next one goes to my parents in Europe.

Best purchases ever. Why would anyone use another VOIP ?? Transferred my old landline to OOMA and never looked back.


Great price! I paid $139 for mine. Just do it! I've used mine for over 2 years without a hitch. I pay $3 and change for taxes, and that's it!


So, if I plug my home phone base station into this, will it still support the additional handsets? I think it would...
The only downside I see would be loss of communication in a power outage, where a traditional phone line still works with a corded phone...


I don't have a landline, only my cell. Would this work for me? Is the benefit saving on cell minutes?


@eternalgreenknight: Yes, you can use your existing base and handsets. I have my Ooma and cable modem on a UPS so they'll still work for a couple of days without AC power.


I bought this from WOOT a few months ago for more money. I pay $4.50 a month. Love!! Curious how a previous comment said he only pays $3 a month. Any ideas? The service is great and I am saving $45 a month!! Thanks Ooma and Woot.


@sierrasky: It depends on where you live. The small monthly charge is for taxes and fees--and these vary by state. Mine: $3.76 !!!


@easygoingal: Yes! You'll get a new phone number for the Ooma, and you can make/receive calls on it for 3-4 dollars a month.

You'll have to decide if it is worth that to you to save cell minutes. Since most people know your cell number, you'd have to retrain them to use your Ooma number. Some dinosaurs like me still have landlines, so the Ooma is perfect in this case.

Ooma has nothing to do with--and is completely independent of--your cell phone.

Hope this helps.


Can you somehow transfer your existing home number to them? Currently I use my cable companies VOIP, but I'd like to dump them as much as I can once my price-lock contract is done. But, don't want to change my phone number.


Other people have commented on how great this is from a general-VOIP perspective, but I wanted to add another great feature: You can send and receive faxes using an all-in-one printer with an ooma box as well. Seriously.

You just add the prefix *9 before the number when sending outside faxes, and when receiving, you just accept the fax. Sure beats having to go to the kinkos/fedex office and spend upwards of 50c a page. For me, it's saved an incredible amount of hassle AND money for me, if you either have to send faxes regularly (ugh), or the one time you need to receive/send a fax.


For $39.99, you can pay ooma to keep your old #. It's on the order page, down at the bottom, right side..


Or if you sign up for a year of Ooma premiere for $9.99 a month, the phone number transfer is free.


Have two (one for "home" and one for "Home Office"). Love 'em.

I hate to be "bundled". I can negotiate better independat rates (my phone, internet and Sat service is about $80.00 / month total)

Here's your OOMA questions answered:

... Oh wait. They are all answered. (Smart-assed wooters).

Here is one tip: if you are a dinosour that still has analog phones plugged into phone jacks, then OOMA will IP-Enable all those phones.

Just plug the OOMA into a wall jack, and now all your existing phones can leverage OOMA.

Just make sure to unplug the demark (the gray box outside your home with some phone company logo on the outside of it). Why? You just don't want a stray signal / voltage spike coming in that way.

Same idea if you have a multi-handset DECT 6.0 system. Plug the base into the OOMA and all your handsets get OOMA dial tome.


You can't go wrong with this Ooma system. I've had both their original system and Telo and both are great. I even traveled through Europe for 3 months with Telo and was able to use it everywhere I had wifi ... made and received calls from home for free.

I've used Ooma for home and my home office, with no issues. It's nice to still have a landline for those calls you don't really want on your mobile ... and practically free is certainly a good price!