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It says the $40,00 is a reservation payment (Model X Signature). Is that like a downpayment?

These are awesome cars, hopefully they will be more readily available in the future.

Time Magazine says it can smoke a Porsche.


Model X (not Signature) is only 5k! In for 6!

*Reservation payment is fully refundable. Base price includes $7,500 federal tax credit.


They're stock is down 5% today. You aren't buying enough


Do they throw in Tesla's best single ever, "Love Song"?
If so, then I think I'm in for one!


And, deliveries don't begin until the end of 2013/beginning of 2014. Unclear how much the car actually costs after the reservation fee.


I wonder what the chances are that they can get something like this into mass production to get costs down. I would love to never have to pay for gas again.


@rwoodruff13: ummmmm do you want your power bill to increase 10 fold? you will pay for it at the pump or when you pay your power bill. you do have to charge it somehow...


Where I live we have public utilities so power bill is lower than most. I would rather pay for it on my power bill.


I wish I hadn't passed up that 60 pack of AA batteries on home.woot a few days ago. That would have really come in handy...

Nevermind. I bet this takes "D" batteries. All of the bigger stuff does...


@politicsisevil: Electricity is cheaper than gasoline in most areas of the US. The roadster has a 53kWh capacity and gets about 4.6 miles per kWh, and if that means that if my electricity cost $1/kWh (which would be roughly 7 times the cost it is for me) it would cost me $.2/mi to drive it.

$4 a gallon gasoline, given a 30mpg car, costs $.13 a mile and those are numbers that already exist in many portions of the country. Hell, those are optimistic numbers for the summertime.

I'll take the septupling of electrical cost -- electricity is better harvested in bulk via nuclear and renewable plants, but even gas plants are cleaner than gasoline and diesel burning vehicles, because of the ability to scrub all the exhaust at once. Maybe electric cars will be what America needs to finally invest in maintaining our ancient infrastructure.


I really, really want one of these, but alas, I don't have the money. Too bad my tax dollars went to prop up GM. Besides, OP didn't put down the shipping charge, and everyone knows that's where they get you...


@r4v5: You are dead right about the costs... running an electric car is a tiny fraction of the cost of running a gasoline or diesel powered one.

However, whether or not you are producing less emissions by relocating them depends on what region of the country (assuming USA) you are in. I believe it was Popular Science magazine last year had an article about this with a map of the US showing what the carbon impact was based on a gasoline car, a hybrid, and a pure electric. It's hard to describe the way they did the graph, but it was easy to read. I was quite surprised to find out just how filthy some of our powerplants really are (many are grandfathered and coal is filthy no matter what you do with it). So... certain areas were big wins (like those with lots of clean powereplants like in the western US, less so in the southeastern states) and others were actually big losses (like the midwest, which really surprised me).


For anyone wondering if they'll get more bang for their buck for an electric/hybrid or regular gas car here's a calculator:

For electric, I just put 10,000mpg, which would probably be the equivalent cost of buying windshield wipers once a year or washing the car occasionally.


The Tesla car company is about to go under. This deposit scheme is a last chance to keep the company moving. Chances are you'll never get the car. Besides, the $40K down payment pales in comparison to the next payment you'll have to throw down to actually GET the car... if they aren't out of business altogether.


I cannot speak for everyone, but I would imagine that anyone buying a car for more then 40k is not worried about gas going from 2.50 to 4 bucks a gallon. Complain? Yes. Worry and drive less, no.

It is a neeeet electric car. Isnt that enough? Why do people harp on the real or non-existent gas savings on an expensive roadster. Who cares? If they wanted it to be a golf cart electric car, they would have given it 105HP and it would get double the range.

Cool car, but I just checked its quarter mile time and I have an SUV that is faster. To each their own though, some people insist on taking turns. :P