dealsshop skil 100-piece drill bit set for $9.97


Anyone use these drill bits and know if they are of decent quality?


@decyde: I'd guess reasonable average homeowner quality. Even cheap bits advertise having a TiN coating (Titanium Nitride) for speed, and they didn't even bother with that for these. The Skil name should mean quality, but here it just means they've got something to sell.


Bought these at the begining of summer, used them quite frequently. They are a good quality bit, a lot better than any I have bought in a drill kit. For the price they are a steal.


@slowsteve: Woot used to charge $5 for everything it shipped. It's not a big difference.


Even if the most-used bits wear out in a couple years, so what? You got them for a good price. I've spent more for less at some of these local hardware stores. Plus Skil's a brand name I've trusted for over a decade for their tools, and the bits have pretty good reviews (as stated above), so I'm not too worried. If you're looking for cheaper, Black Friday's coming up again in a couple months and places like Home Depot and Lowes and Ace usually have some decent deals on their door buster sets.

For me, I'm missing a couple bits in my tool kit that have broken or worn out over the years, so this is a cheap way to replace them.


I got a set of these around Christmas a couple of years ago. This is great for those pesky little bits that break.

The bits seem t be fairly good and the price is right.