dealscoby kyros 4gb 7-inch android touchscreen tablet…


I've seen this for double and even triple this price. I think it'd make a good tablet for a small child.


Refurbed, and the model is the MID7012-4G (which does not mean it has 4G service... wireless only). This is an ancient model by the standards of modern electronics. I think Coby has released three newer models since this one, or thereabouts. Also a resistive touchscreen (ugh), and 3-hour battery life. Forget about playing any Android games with more than minimal graphical requirements or watching streaming video. And even reading e-books isn't great because of the poor screen resolution.

The good things? It is expandable via microSDHC, so the 4GB isn't a huge deal. And let's be honest, this is about the cheapest you'll find a tablet anywhere, so if you just want a tablet, and any tablet, this is affordable. And it's not horrible for web surfing or checking email (though the poor CPU/RAM and resistive screen do hinder the experience a little).

Overall, I'd say save your $40, but there are definitely worse tablets out there.


Oh, and Amazon listing:

The cheapest marketplace vendor has it for $60+, so this is at least a good deal compared to that.


@novastarj: " Also a resistive touchscreen" ...and there's where everyone stopped reading. That's pretty much the killer, even for kids.


If you want a cheap tablet get a polaroid one. They had one here for $50 a few months back and I got it for my son
We added the google store and it does most everything including playing Fifa 12. Wireless and battery arent great but it is an ok device


I have owned this exact model. Compared to any current or even last generation tablet it will leave you sorely lacking. BUT, if you instead use this as a video player for your kids in the back seat you will not be disappointed. About 5 hour battery life. Good WiFi. Slow interface. Just load up MX Player on it and convert your movies with Handbreak for a low resolution Android Phone. (screen resolution is 800x480). Also, the aspect ratio on this thing is slightly off. Meaning a picture of a square in portrait mode will look like a rectangle in landscape.


Does anyone know if this will run any of the light versions of Linux (Xubuntu/Lubuntu) even in theory? I'm new to it myself and I Googled this model + Linux/Ubuntu to no avail.

It would be cool to run it on a $40 tablet just for bragging rights alone.


From my research, one of the best sub $100, heck, sub $80, 7" tablets would be the Avatar 7" :

There are some others such as the Matricom and the D2. However, their batterylife is subpar to the avatar's.

And an upgrade to the avatar would be the 16gb (not the 8gb) version of the Nook color.
The Nook col can be rooted or dual booted easily to run android flawlessly....And it's dual core, with a great battery life.
You can get them for around $100 factory recertified with a 1 year warranty, or used for around the same price. Just make sure to get the 16gb ver. As it is a upgraded model.
Anything above that, and you'de have to get a nexus 7.

edit: a little research, and found out that the nook 16gb colors are going for about $80-100 on amazon used.
About $120 fac recert.
But everything fluctuates.


I woke up and decided to get one, my luck the deal is now DEAD lol


Deal isn't Dead. Still Product Available!


Here is a review of this tablet.

In case you just want to see what cnet's "Final thought" is, it is;

"We have no doubt that there will eventually be a great tablet priced between $150 and $200. The Coby Kyros, unfortunately, isn't there yet. With a screen this bad, it's not even in the ballpark..."


Crappy Android tablets almost never have licenses to load Google-branded apps, which simultaneously blows and sucks. On the other hand, resistive Touchscreens are not ALWAYS bad (they can be used while you're wearing gloves or under some kind of thin cover).

However, the main thing I want to say is that cheap Android tablets can do is be completely awesome Plex clients.

I keep a no-name tablet similar to this one for reading and video watching in the shower. It's in a ziplock bag that's hanging on my shower head. I watch the Daily Show via Plex every morning while I'm doing my morning bathroom routine and catch up on my Youtube subscriptions after I get back from the gym and it was worth $50 for that and that alone.