dealsleague of evil: appstore for android faotd


This is a great game! Reminds me of Megaman on the original NES.


Awesome classic style kind of game... no crazy 3D (profanity)


Meh. I'll wait for the Evil League of Evil app.
Now with 86% more evil!


Does Bad Horse know about this infringement? I bet he puts Dead Bowie on the case.


i download every amazon app even if i dont plan on using it immediately. i have over 300 apps now


@kllanning: I BUY (for FREE) most, but do not download them. I just leave them at Amazon and download at my convenience or need. I admit that I do not do anything with most, but they are there if I want them. It is handy when nieces and nephews visit to download some games if they want to play.

If I download every one like you do, it would take up more room on my devices than I would like.