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Had some bad experiences with CowBoom. Basically they sent refurb Blu-Ray player without a remote control. When contacted, they said the item did not specify including a remote. They offered a refund if I mailed it back at my cost. Also, when we ordered a refurb laptop, they swapped the item for a different model laptop refurb that was pretty inferior to the one we ordered. That one went back (at our cost) and I swore never to deal with these guys again. Good luck if any of you try their service.


Products are definitely a crapshoot. Ordered a Galaxy SII a couple months ago and came in a box with some bubble wrap, but the phone was laying in the bottom of the box up against the cardboard, luckily the phone was undamaged. Also came with no charger or cable, and I think the battery was the original. Will likely never do business with again, or will be very hesitant.


I've had nothing but good interactions with cowboom, including the auction side of things.

Just recently purchased two car stereos from the auction side. One shipped with the wrong cables. I wrote to customer service to request an RMA along with a note that stated that I'd prefer to keep the unit, if only they had shipped the correct wiring harness. The customer service representative replied back and credited my order the local cost of the wiring harness from a supplier.

Another situation from 1+ years ago: Purchased a Zune 120GB - died about 45 days into a 30-day warranty. I sent customer service a letter stating that I knew it was outside of the warranty period, but wondered if there was anything they could do. They fully refunded the purchase price even though they had no obligation to do so.

I can see how dealing with pre-owned equipment isn't for everyone and sometimes things don't work out, but my experiences with cowboom have always been good. (Bought speakers today.)


Well I will let the community know how it goes. I just used this discount for a grade 5 7" acer iconia for $127 after sales tax and free shipping including a 1 yr warranty. The only thing stated as missing was the headphones (which have plenty of).


With Cowboom you have to read the specific product descriptions very, VERY carefully. Each item will provide a section for Included and a section for Not Included which make or break the deal. While I'm happy that they've added photos of the actual items, pay close attention to the Product Grade. It seems anything 5 or above is in dependably good condition. The only issue I have with Cowboom is that you never know if you're going to receive a box or not. I ordered two game consoles which were almost identical in description, but one came with a box and the other did not. Hard to gift two consoles to two siblings and decide who gets the boxed copy. It's (not at all) like Sophie's Choice.


For those that don't know, Cowboom is Best Buy's outlet.
I've had good experiences with them. As Ramoker says, read the product description before buying. They are very specific when they list what is/is not included and the shape the item is in.


@pigtool: There is no need to contact cowboom to return an item. If you go into your account, find the item, click RMA, a prepaid shipping label is generated. I can only think that you had your problem quite awhile ago, because the system has been like this for quite awhile.


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Deal is dead...


Deal still appears to be good, the item that was listed is gone, probably sold out.

I've had good luck with Cowboom too.


@morriea: Yep....a few years ago. Still not doing business with them either.