dealsgamo varmint hunter pellet gun for $129.99 + $5…


You're gonna shoot your eye out!


Almost a real gun! Keep it up woot!


I don't know where else to say it so I guess this is good enough place as any. Happy Birthday @kristiwsu!


Damn I want one or three. But I can't order any. Damn you NYC.


Be vewy vewy quite I'm hunting flying monkeys


Where's the bundle with the lawyers and money?


Upvoted and in for one.

I'd like to see more gun deals woot.


I'll take freedom and guns, please! Oh yeah, a laser would be nice too!


This looks like a pretty in-depth review. Even includes a dead squirrel!


Woohoo! This is a great deal and I'd get one but I already have a benjamin sheridan super streak. Don't worry about them hanky twistin' weiners that are afraid of bb guns being put off by your choices - I'll buy extra to make up for them.


I actually kind of wish the 'Lady Recon' that they have on moofi wasn't pink (I may be secure, but not that secure), because I'd much rather have that than this overburdened thing.


Anyway to bypass the pesky state restriction?


I'd buy one of these in a second if PA wasn't one of the restricted states. WTF?!?!

I can order the damn thing online from other retailers who will ship to PA.


4/5 stars on amazon, 90% are 5/5 besides the people who think it deserves a 1 for having a poor scope. Besides that, reviews say accurate up to 40 yards. Not a bad deal, plus its not pink like the moofi gun. 15 bucks cheaper than amz too :)



You could easily refinish the stock on that Lady Recon...


I would buy one... but it's not tactical.


In California I guess we're supposed to throw golf balls at varmints!


Looks like a pretty good deal, I think I'll give it a shot


This is a great air riffle, beware to the buyer, although this is not a "fire-arm" it is in a way more potent than a .22 rimfire. You can NOT shoot this in your back yard, you MUST treat its use like you would a "Real gun".

Keep in mind a .22 averages around 500-750 fps, and this is only a slightly smaller bullet at .17 but moves between 1000 - 1200 fps. A similar weapon was recently responsible for a local childs death due to negligent parents. It is not a toy.

/Exit soapbox. That said I HIGHLY recommend it to those looking for a well priced, high performance air rifle. Too bad its not the .22 version or I would be replacing my own. :)


@rustybender: Not Target, either. We can't be perfect, but we can make an effort. BTW, notice they deleted my comment. Guns Good, speech Bad...


Would totally get this...but I live in NY sigh


Proud to say I've lived in two of those restricted states but got out while I still could. :)


@rustybender: Not calling this a "Real" gun is wrong. The only thing allowing it to be sold over the counter is the lack of "fire" for projection.

But I say good riddance to anyone who refuses to do business with a company that sells guns. In respect of everyone else I will refrain from politics, and simply state my support for Woot....and guns :)


If you were a hitman, this could work as a silent 'friend' to the back of the head.


@asmith69: The scope is ok, I would bet those who said that dont know how to sight it in.


@jiggersgreen: I have no idea why they wont ship to CA.... I can think of no state law barring it???


For those who might not read to the bottom of the description:

Thanks to stick-in-the-mud buzzkilling state legislators, this can not be delivered to the following states:
New Jersey
New York
Washington, DC


Funny I can go down to Big 5 and buy one but can't get it shipped to me ? I'm in CA

vote-for6vote-against I was going to mention that myself. Pretty sure I've seen these at Wally World before.


I shot a squirrel with a pellet gun as a kid and the terrible pangs of regret and sadness have never fully subsided.


@tesla33: If it makes you feel any better, I downvoted your original comment, and upvoted this one. If woot is going to fly the whole gun rights flag, they should damn well embrace free speech.

(Also, I've personally had a pro-gun thread deleted out from under me, so I think they're trying to play towards the middle, if that helps at all.)


Sorry if this has been mentioned...didn't read every comment. moofi also has a 'weapon' of sorts. The new & improved woot? 'Guns' & condoms. Not makin' a statement either way. Not for or against...just observing.


"The ventelated buttpad dampens the recoil."
It's a pellet gun how much recoil could there be?


@farcedude: So, you're more insecure than the owners of these?


Awww, CA has disappointed me again. The order page looked like it was letting me through...then I saw that the box was set to say I live in Alabama, haha.


@renratca: I'm not sure where you get your info from but I am having a hard time finding statements that are true in your post. First of all a .22 averaging 500 to 750 fps? Totally false. Even the .22 short averages 1045fps. The more common .22LR averages 1138fps. And this is all with a 29grain and 40 grain bullet respectively. The 1200 fps from this air rifle is achieved with a 5.4grain pellet. The energy carried by a bullet and these pellets is hardly even comparable. Not even subsonic .22 ammo travels as slow as you have stated.

Am I saying this air rifle should be treated with any less respect than a loaded high power rifle? No absolutely not. This is still a dangerous weapon and should be treated as such. However I do want to make sure the facts given to this community are correct. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings or start a war.


OMG... must... have... one!!!!


"they drew blood first...they drew blood first.". This was my response to my four year old when he asked me why I was killing all the squirrels in our back yard. After seeing my tomatoe garden eaten alive by these tree rats last yer, I looked at the reviews and settled on the gamo as my thunder stick of choice. I highly recommend this gun, and you can even buy a nitrous cylinder down the line if more power is what you need. It will kill a squirrelly at 50 yards. It's almost as nice as my 22, but you can shoot it in the backyard. Just shoot up, never out, as these things have the potential to do more than leave a whelp.


This is an excellent price for this rifle. Gamo has a great reputation. I'm looking forward to receiving mine. Thanks Woot!


Why not Pennsylvania? Don't let Philthydelphia's unconstitutional local laws ruin it for the rest of us in the commonwealth, Woot. :(


@renratca: ummm normally .22LR are about 1000-1300 fps so this is about the same speed but lighter bullets.

so just think about that if you are going to be shooting this anywhere but a shooting range: this is basically as powerful as a full-fledged .22LR REAL firearm.


@justin976: I got my information from my chronograph, testing various match grade ammunition. I think your numbers are at the muzzle, mine are at 50 yards.

Hummm... Ill meet you in the middle, I took a look at my log books and do have some cheep stuff on here sitting around 1000 fps but its plinking stuff.


@renratca: I agree. Not sure why they won't. AirgunDepot will deliver to CA. Couldn't find a law saying otherwise. Woot? Any ideas on this one?


Does anyone know if this will work on a Mac?

I've shot windows boxes with a different model before.



.22LR (most popular .22 caliber), is much more potent than 500fps...

Try up to 1750 fps.


Wow, if ever there was truly a, 'Glorified version of a pellet gun' ... this is it.


@renratca: don't you think the pellet gun is measured at the muzzle as well? why wouldn't it be?