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Now you can spend less to get jumped by all the people looking for people who think 300$ headphones are meant to be worn on the subway.... pass :P


Am I the only one that thinks these look like replicas?


Pay attention! I cannot believe! Maybe they are only counterfeit.


I'd bet a fair amount of money these are counterfeit. I just got back from Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore, and these suckers are ALL over the place in Asia and they are all fakes. I picked up a pair for 9 dollars just for the fun of it, but they were barely worth that. Sound quality isn't great and neither is build quality.

There is something wrong with the beats production line because all the counterfeits I saw had the branded box with everything included, perfect logos everywhere they should be, but they just weren't real. Beware when buying any beats headphones and make sure it is from a dealer you trust.


Definite scam site, ladies and gentlemen.

Just looking around it, all the security verifications and such are just images and not actual links to proof of their verified status like any good site would be.

Also their customer support line is a 555- number, which should be a dead giveaway that this is in no way anything more than a way to scam you out of your money/identification.


Yeah they are fake... Just compare the pictures of these to the pictures on the actual beats website


These people cheated me - the beats by Dr. Dre broke almost immediately - I have emailed twice - Monster/Dr. Dre will not warranty they say that Mobiletechmall is not an authorized dealer. they have ignored me.


I am a long time customer - take Mobiletechmall off your site - they are unethical and they reflect on your integrity.


Even if these were real beats (which they're not), the only reason to buy them would be to turn around and sell them to someone who doesn't know what good headphones are. Beats have rather poor build quality, and the one job they're meant to do, they don't do very well; they're all bass, mids and highs are almost nonexistent, and the lows are mediocre at best. If you're looking for a good set of cans do a bit of research first and save yourself some money.


If you like the bass to be overemphasized in your music than the Beats by Dr Dre are the ones to get. If you want your music to sound unbelievably clear and the way it is supposed to, then pay half as much and get the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. The beats are all sizzle and no steak, in my opinion.


woot, what the hell are you doing allowing obviously counterfeited items as a sponsored deal of the day?!?!?!?! wtf????


My grandson almost bought these, fake????? Are you kidding me?

I smell legal action


Just wanted to stop in and let everyone know that if you have any questions, concerns, or comments don't hesitate to shoot us an email at

We take our customers concerns very seriously, so if anyone had an issue with a product or order, email us! We will fix the problem for you, no questions asked!


would have to pay me $50 to wear these. So many better options out there. Youre paying to advertise their brand!


you know how to tell these are fake? One of the color choices is YELLOW, which isn't listed as one of the color choices on the beatsbydre site!

check for yourself. The beatsbydre people even tell you that color choice is one of the most obvious signs of a counterfeit.,default,pd.html

even if you get the real merchandise, the warranty is only valid if you bought from a monster/beats authorized dealer.


@mobiletechmall: Interesting you didn't address people's concerns about these being fake.
I would think that would be the first thing you would clear up, you know, if they weren't fakes...


Oh man. moblie tech mall. I purchased some of the power beats last time they were on here, almost 3weeks ago, and still dont have them. they say. "when a deal is popular, it may take up to 10 business days to ship" which I WANT to believe, but in this particular instance I hear "when taking pre-orders for a popular item, it may take 10 business days to get a replica from china to us, to ship to you" .. I want to believe, impress me mobile tech mall!


OK, just so everyone knows...Real Solo HDs will say Solo HD on the outside, just above the ear (where the height adjustment is). Real Beats will also have either a white or black interior color (they will not be the same color on the inside portion as they are on the outside). The real Beats Solo will have the "L" and "R" indication on the interior of the headphones (not on the outside). Finally, real Beats do not have a stitch pattern running down the side of their ear cushions.

These are 100% FAKE and not even good fakes either...


its not woot anymore its some other greedy animal


I trust woot so I placed my order. I will place my product review when I receive my order. Better be legit or they'll be in


That's funny... I just checked out their guarantee:

We offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our products! For reason your product breaks or stops working, we will replace it free of charge!

Note: Physically inflicted damage (water, physical cracks/breaks) are not covered.

... Not even Beats offers a lifetime guarantee... Hmmm... I guess the cost of multiple replacements is factored in to the $50 "deal." And the "If it breaks, we'll replace it, unless it breaks" sounds rock solid to me, amirite?

Beware: All your money are belong to them.


I have to admit, I ordered because I trust woot! but now I feel like I have been taken. I will be much more careful going forward.


I also ordered them because I trusted woot!. Never again..


Hey Amazon! I mean Woot!
I am going to make a few dozen pairs of headphones out of cardboard and fishing line, and paint a lower-case "b" on the side. Can I list them as a daily deal on your site? I'll only charge $40, which is a great discount off the $199 MSRP.


@prettywootprincess asked if we could come and clarify the question of whether or not these are replicas.

They are real, our version came out before the latest version they released. Their new version includes additional padding on the headband, different ear padding, and a removable plug-in cord directly into the earpiece. There were also a few other smaller changes as well, including a few color changes.

We got them at a great price because of the new line of Solo HD's that are out now, which is a price we can push along to the Woot community.

We stand behind our customers and products, and we are there for each and every one of you to answer any questions or concerns. You can get in touch with us at


Just want to thank everyone, if I hadn't of read all of the negatives on the "fake Beats" I would have ordered 2 pair for my kids. Thanks to all of you I saved my money.

WOOT you should be ashamed to be advertising and selling such crap.


@kevito: In 10 short hours, all the security verifications have dissapeared as has the 555 number. Interesting....

JUST SAY NO. Save your hard earned dollars. I see NO physical address for these people, nor a phone number. That makes it a BIG BLACK HOLE. Reputable merchants will post one or both.


@mobiletechmall: These are obviously knockoffs, as the styling of these models hasn't even significantly changed since the non-HD models. Yes, there have been a few minor updates, but the usual markings are completely absent from what you are trying to pass off as legit. The left-right markings on all models of the Solos are on the inside of the headphones, not the outside, as is apparent from your product photographs.


Woot, please see the obvious!
I own a REAL set of these as well as a pair of replicas I bought for 9 dollars during a trip to Jamaica....
the ones being sold by mobiletechmall look EXACTLY LIKE THE ONES I BOUGHT IN JAMAICA
Real Beats have the MONSTER LOGO ON THE OUTSIDE and the L and R markings on the inside.....


FYI.. Here's a little more information on this company (just in case). All of this is public record. I didn't post details but you can quickly find them.

According to their site and their DNS record, this site is owned by 'Capital Holdings Group'. Their 'corporate office' is a maildrop @ this place in Miami -> (corporate address can be found at, the FL dept of Corporations)

Their previous corporate address (up until a couple of months ago) appears to be a single family home. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but this appears to be mom & dad's house (according to the Miami Dade Property Appraiser, it's registered to 2 different people with the same last name as one of the principals of this company)..... The other registered agent's address appears to be an apt in Boca Raton.

Here is a Linkedin profile of one of the principals:


Wow. Shady. I've never seen Solo Beats with an "L" or an "R" on the outside. If someone can point out a legitimate photo of some I'll eat my words.


@matasar: you should make it a lower case "d" lol


Comparing the pictures with actual Beats headphones, the hinges on these are clearly plastic while the real headphones are metal; additionally the "L" and "R" are printed on the inside of the real headphones and clearly printed on the outside of these. Obvious knockoffs, somewhat disappointed in WOOT for not checking into this before featuring this deal.


According to this site is only a little over 3 months old!



"Super fast shipping and great product!" - James

"I want to order more, I keep changing my cases because I love them all" - Rebekha

"Thanks for helping me out of a pickle" - Jennifer

all 3 from their site... seems legit.


1) Your fake Beats are missing the Monster logo
2) Wrong ear foam
3) Hinge is the wrong color
4) Missing the silver separating the underside and the part that goes over your head
5)Where's the foam under the plastic headband?
6) L & R are inside the band, not outside
7) Missing all the writing on the inside foam
8) Missing the "beats by dr. dre" on the top of the band

Sorry but these aren't just bootlegs, they are terrible to boot. What, your company couldn't even afford 1 pair to get the details right?


Scamadviser seems to think that this is kind of an unsafe site to order from. No thanks!


who cares if these are fake or not?

they're trash either way. you look like an idiot wearing these. if they're real, it makes you look even more dumb for paying outrageous prices.


Shame on you Woot! This needs to stop!


@mobiletechmall: Instead of emailing you I called the phone number provided by your site under the customer satisfaction guaranteed logo 555-555-0123 to ask if I should purchase the headset and the response was quite clear that I should not.

@m4r1ju4n4: paying $50 for obvious fakes is way worse then paying $50 for the genuine deal. You are rewarding scams. That being said I would not pay $25 for the genuine deal.

@matasar: Mmmm that good sarcasm!


enough is enough. I can't believe this sponsored deal is still up/live. I've reported woot to the FBI and to Monster for selling counterfeit products.


@kamikazeken: Did you confirm these are in fact counterfeit?


SONY MDR-V6 for the win ladies and germs


In addition to the item appearing to be fake (them never being offered in yellow is kind of an obvious problem), the site looks very dodgy - no physical address, no email address even. Their phone number - a fake 555 number - was removed earlier today in addition to the security verification images they had dotted about.

@prettywootprincess - any official comment from Woot on this?


I forgot all about Dre once these pieces of crap came out. Barely worth my comment on here, but wanted to try and keep the public from spending their hard earned money on something that isn't worth it.

Go find yourself a nice pair of Sennheiser headphones. Then make sure to thank me later.


Here are the REAL colors available. Spotting the mistakes on these fakes is easier after looking at the real ones.,default,pd.html?dwvar_beats-solohd-master_color=CC0033