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You don't drive your car or motorcycle with your smart phone. It's a gimmicky bad control interface. Get educated about these before you buy:


yeah, get educated from a store trying to sell you their products. -rolls eyes-


@kudosmog: No one's forcing readers of the guide to buy from us. If you go to the #1 RC forum: RC Groups, and ask for other expert opinions you'll see that majority will all agree with what's been posted on that guide. Don't take my word or Kudosmog's word, go the the RC Groups forum and see for yourself. I bet you're not even a member of any decent RC Forums are you Kudosmog? No offense, but you're in no position to give advice about RC anything.


@massive overkill: Why are you comparing an indoor 3 channel heli to a quad? That quad is more than twice the price, and is completely different.

While "a majority" of serious RC heli flyers may not like the smartphone controls, that doesn't make this a worthless product. I like that they're trying new things, and some people prefer using their phones as controllers instead of the "normal" controller that takes 6 AA batteries.

"I bet you're not even a member of any decent RC Forums". You take this stuff too seriously. It's a toy.


@rprebel: This quad takes 4AA batteries, and most people have rechargeable batteries. You don't think that smart phone runs on batteries? You can't fly the Syma outside, or at night, or near an AC register when inside. You can basically hover. You have to wait an hour between each flight because the battery isn't removeable. Can you get spare parts quickly if you break a blade and use up the included spares?

All RC vehicles are pretty much toys. The difference is whether that toy will get thrown in the closet in a week or if it will get enjoyment for a long time. $40 is pretty much the starting point for any decent flying helicopter\quad. If someone had the choice of spendign $20 which will get thrown in the garbage a week later or spend $40, but have it last a year or more, which do you think they'd choose?

It's not innovative to use the smart phone to control it. It's the manufacturer saving money by only having to produce a small IR plug in module vs a real controller.


@massive overkill: Almost everything you just said is either flat out wrong or biased to the point of absurdity. Thankfully, I don't feel like getting into an internet argument enough to refute your points, so I will just say good day.


@rprebel: Like I said. Anyone viewing this can go to any reputable RC forum and discover who's right and who's wrong. I've planted the seed. All you have to do is do the research and stop wasting your hard-earned money.