dealsvizio vsb200 40" home theater sound bar…


This product is wonderful. It drowns out all the squaking in the background. There seems to be more of that now.

I love it so much that I bought 4 of them to make a tick-tac-toe board beside the tv. This way we can play games while watching . Not as good as playing pool while watching, but whatever. This (profanity)is the (profanity)


@slappy13: you a fool. can't even figure out how to edit your own post. you don't have 4 of these. but you are right about the squaking...


I have to keep adjusting the volume up for voices and down for effects and action. Will this help that?


@djmandly: it has different "equalizer" settings so you can adjust the sound accordingly.


@slappy13: There's a time limit on editing your post... SQUAWK!


The 1-star reviews on amazon all have a similar theme: These bars go bad after a few months of use. I would suggest reading through some of these before purchasing.


@nickjwebster: I agree. I want one so bad but the DOA's are scaring me. Same reviews on newegg and walmart


@djmandly: hopefully they upgrade the damaged components on the refurbs if it really is that common a problem.


Coupon is expired but still for sale at $59.99 regular price.