dealstrue temper car emergency kit - snow traction aid…


True Temper is a tool manufacturer. Part of Ames.


In case of an emergency, you can also try using your floor mats for additional tire traction.


@primussucks: suddenly, brother uses snow traction kit to free his stuck car from sand on a beach in sunny florida.

brother: 1, primussucks: 0


I think I need to buy one of these and send it to my brother who just moved to Florida; ya know, as a joke;)

Then I need to buy one for myself cuz nothing sucks more then a rear wheel drive car in the snow (stupid mustang) I’ve ruined several floor mats over the years in that stupid, yet fun in the sun car


Interesting... Thought True Temper was a golf shaft company, didnt know they made other products? Definitely the same logo though