dealsamazon warehouse deals for $0.42


Am I missing something? This does not link to anything in particular.


@synapses11: What is there to miss ?

In the center of the page is the visible category listing.

On the left hand side, there is a text listing.

On the right hand side, there is the last chance list.

Depending on what you are looking for, just look in the category it would be in.

Or, if you are lazy like me, you can use the address bar at the top of the page just above the Amazon Warehouse logo.

Simple ? Maybe ?


It's not really a deal, this portion of amazon has always been there.
Basically its second-hand/clearance section


@synapses11: I just felt that this was an oft-overlooked place to find good deals on basically anything. A deals.woot search confirmed that only one deal was recently posted from this source, so I thought I would try to bring it into the general awareness here.


@computiac: This response seems needlessly snarky. The existence of Amazon Warehouse is well known, and the title suggests that the link will display all the Amazon Warehouse items that are priced at $.42 cents. The confusion seems generated by a misleading title that should have otherwise been: "Have you heard of Amazon Warehouse? If not, here's a link to the homepage!"


I appreciate the notice that there is an Amazon Warehouse. I for one did not know of it's existence until now. I looked and didn't find anything to buy, but knowing it's there is a good thing. Thanks for the listing.


@ctrlaltdefeat: I'm sorry if it was confusing, but the form by which deals are posted on this site requires that a price be given, and the lowest item price at the site (Amazon Warehouse Deals) seemed the most logical to me.


@ctrlaltdefeat: To me the previous poster(synapses11) sounded like they did not understand the workings of the site, by asking if they were "missing something".
I tried to break it down and explain each section of the site so it would be easily understood. I even tried to take the edge off of it by referring to myself as lazy.

My guess is that not only you but a lot of others who down-voted my explanation,either misunderstood it or took it the wrong way.

As for the wording of the initial post, maybe this should be directed to the original poster for future reference.

I will not apologize for the way I explained it as I thought it was direct and very clearly to the point.


@blainekyle: No apology needed. I was a little disappointed in the link, but don't hang all my hopes on woot deals :)


@computiac: My last response seems to have been lost.

I didn't down vote you. I instead offered a reasonable explanation for why I thought others might have (though I obviously can't speak to other's motivations). I appreciate your taking the time to respond, and I'm happy to give you the benefit of the doubt. The internet loses all kinds of things in translation. I'm sure you didn't mean to come across as antagonistic and patronizing. I'm happy to concede that I (and perhaps others) misunderstood you. You're free to assert these misunderstandings are entirely the fault of those reading your words, and to dig in deeper.

You certainly don't owe me, and I'm not asking for, an apology. Though taking the time to assert you won't offer one seems to indicate a refusal to extend the kind of charity that makes miscommunications more likely.


Guess I can't get a break no matter what !


@computiac: Being a stubborn jerk usually get you that.


@computiac: Lol, yes it is you that needs the break! Everything is everyone else's fault! Why does the world persecute you so!?

Sorry we couldn't have a more productive chat. Sorry this post was a little cheeky also. It's frustrating to take the time to be sensitive and engaged and not have that reciprocated.


This has been very informative and interesting.

I do so look forward to another lively conversation in the near future !

I bid you all a goodnight and pleasant dreams.