dealspyrex bakeware with lid for $3.99 + free shipping


Great deal! The roaster is now sold out, but all the rest are still there. Free shipping code worked just fine.


Great deal! Free shipping worked perfect and they take Paypal so there's no worry about giving them a credit card number.


Thanks OP, great deal!

Got the 3 piece mixing bowl set with color lids for $9.99 & tax.

Order Total $10.59
You saved $22.95 on this order.


Great deals! Thanks for posting.
I got three Christmas presents, things I was already planning on buying at prices better than I have seen, replaced one of my pans that went missing and got a free lid!

Order total: $28.04.
You saved $30.44 on this order.



Order Total $17.20
You saved $38.91 on this order.

Thanks , I was looking for some bakeing pans for myself, these are great also cheap prices ,very very good deal..thank's for posting!!!! :)


All three mixing bowls with lids are even cheaper ($9.99) in the package deal:

If you're getting all three, that's the way to go.


Yes, great deal! 3 loaf pans I can bake bread in and give as a gift!


Is anyone else having trouble using the Paypal payment method on this site? I put in my order, try to pay using Paypal and then it says there is an error on the page. Makes me a little suspicious...


I'm having the same problems with using Paypal. Although the prices are good, I think I'm going to pass.


@alaskangal: Yes. That's why it was marked with "RIP" a number of days ago. But thanks for pointing it out again.