dealsstarcraft ii: heart of the swarm for $27.99…


I literally just finished Wings of Liberty (loved it) last night and I find this today. Totally getting it.


This is a great deal if you already have Wings of Liberty. If you do not, and wish to purchase both, it may be worth checking out buying directly from Blizzard digitally, through a account. I know when Heart of the Swarm launched, they had a combo pack deal for $60, so slightly less than it would be getting both from Newegg, but you would not get a physical copy of the game.

This is a great game series, and even if you are not into playing against others in the traditional game, Blizzard is trying hard to help foster growth of the Arcade games, which are often times less involved and easier for new players to get into. And the Campaign is great in that the missions vary a bit and keep you wanting to play more.


WARNING, SPOILER! Do not watch this unless you have no plans to play the game:

Every cinematic cut scene in the game with voiceover explanations of the storyline in between.


I have internet but I still don't like the requirement "Internet: Broadband Internet connection" just to play the game and if the servers are down you are out of luck. The games are good but the requirement make Me unhappy so I won't buy any more Blizzard games.


They.. sort of fixed that problem in a way but didn't really announce it. If you launch SC2 and it can't find an internet connection it will pop up with an "off-line" version. They don't advertise it for whatever reason but I've played it as such before.

You just need to have logged into the game from your system at least once then you can play off-line as much as you like.


@atrumpeccati: Does the offline play apply to any other Blizzard titles


Do they send you a key or do they mail the game with cd to your home


@ron1jed: Newegg usually sells retail packages but the webpage is uninformative. My guess is this is the dvd retail package that they are selling.


I thought I was going to have to wait longer for a decent sale price. Thanks for posting.


I got an email saying my order was cancelled. I hate it when things get oversold. I was really looking forward to playing this game too.