dealscantilever shelf at the home depot for $49.00


This is an online exclusive, yet does not qualify for free shipping. Hope HomeDepot isn't changing the $49 order free shipping rule. :-(


@gmwhit: As I understand it, this is an overstock, online sale only. And yes, they are charging shipping for these items. This weighs 104 pounds and estimated shipping, to my house is $55.00. Yowsers!

But you know what? I'm thinking about getting it. Now, if I only had someone to put it together. ahem


You may can check at your local Home Depot. I know these are available in some stores.


I have one of these in the garage. The shelving unit itself is quite durable, as you would expect, but I don't really trust the storage trays (the "shelves" connected only to one side of the unit) with anything too heavy -- mostly light tools and miscellaneous junk. The trays are secured pretty firmly to one side of the shelf but I don't exactly feel like testing the weight limit with the "let's see whether THIS much weight makes it snap off or not" method.

Re: shipping, I didn't test this for this particular deal but Home Depot has a "free ship to store, pick up at store" option.


structural engineer/mechanic/owner of multiple shelves like these with full-sized shelves. be careful of how much weight you put on the cantilever shelves, they will support much less than a full-length shelf. also, for the workbench configuration you'd have to use two half shelves for one of the countertops, so there'd not only be a seam running right through the middle of your workspace, it would have a tendency to want to "open up" a la a crab claw (unless you put it in the corner of a room.)

still, these may be sturdier than similar shelves from Scandinavia...


shipping definately kills this one. Didn't go all the way through purchase completion, but didn't look like you could ship to store. Would have ordered multiple, but they wanted $50 shipping for each one


My local store is selling this for $39.00 in the store. Check your local HD.


@zollars23: I already checked my local stores. They don't have it. :(


i bought this from my local home depot last week for only $24.50
they were offering 50% off the already reduced prices.
they had about 6-7 different kinds of shelving units for sale with additional 50% off
i made a listing on slickdeals but they didnt like the deal to much there
i posted pics of the shelves , the signs, and my receipt


Six in my local store, got my boy Ray hunting them down for me somewhere between flooring and shelving!


@gerrware: My store had six as well that I just put on hold. One was the floor model, so I actually only grabbed 5. Great price at $39!

Thanks for the deal!