dealsall iphone 4s $50 off instore only for $119.99


I went in but you have to renew your contract for 2 years and with Verizon you have to wait 18 months from the time you upgraded your phone so they couldn't help me. Bummer


Damn I wonder if this is available tomorrow...


@rd614s: thank you for replying. I just got back from radio shack and verified that there is a sale (but forgot to verify the amount). There is nothing suggesting the sale in the store, you have to ask.


Its In store Only If you call your local store they will tell you about it. I was in Buying some parts Today and the sales guy told me about it its a non advertised New years eve Sale. I got mine for free cause I traded in my old Iphone 4 in Combination with this one day deal....


Where did you find the discount. I don't see it on the website that is posted (nor can I find it searching around)