dealsdesigner sunglasses blowout sale - save up to 75…


Even with the discount they seem overpriced imo


@eeekdageek: agreed seen way better deals on Oakleys vault. Although they did take there time and make a very professional website........


No problems with dealer, very satisfied with my timberland shades + fast shipping.


Living in fla. you always need sunglasses.. At $50 for the cheapest pair, it' still overpriced for something that's just gonna get scratched or left at the beach.


Nice selection. I'm in for 2 pairs.


@cms1776: I also bought Timberland glasses from them a couple weeks ago and wore them yesterday. It was a very smooth transaction


always skeptical with Famous sunglasses and No name web sites


wait,are the $50 fendi shades for real??? if so $400 off,thats a great deal. someone please look at these and seller comments and tell me if for real.


@eeekdageek: That's because they are, even at 75% off they are still marked up big time. Sunglasses are one of the single biggest scams in retail next to bottled water. People are willing to pay for "designer" glasses that are all made in the same factory, right along with gas station glasses.


@wendywc1: That sounds about right for glasses worth around 10 bucks. That 400 dollar price was for a brand name and speaks nothing for the actual quality of the product.


Amazon has the Oakley Jurys for $90. Oakleys are the preferred glasses for many sportsmen and I'm an Oakley fanboy with 2 pair, one Sunglass and one clear.

I've tried the rest and now I wear the best!