deals100 must-have movie classics, vol. 2: various…


The first song is from "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1." That's a deal breaker.


Thanks! A ton of great background music for 99 cents!
And thanks to dealswoot for providing these sources. I check amazon's daily deals throughout the day, but never spot these download offers. Nor the occasional 99 cent movie deals. Nor the free kindle books.


Why does the fact that a piece of music was used in a film one doesn't like make the music bad, or not worth having in itself? And even if it were a poor piece of music, how does that negate the value of the other musical choices on this mp3 album?
Just saying......still a decent deal for some of us, I'm buying music here, not Twilight films.


@f00l: What are you talking about? I already have all the soundtracks. I don't need to replicate my collection.