dealsfactory-renewed tivo premiere dvr for $0.00…


Darn it let me find out how to change the link and get the link back


Requires 2 year subscription.


@cengland0: All Tivo's are like that when you get them free.


@zapp brannigan: I cannot disagree; however, it's marked as free but you have to pay a monthly fee for a contract.

It's like advertising a free phone but not mentioning that you need a 2 year contract. That should be stated upfront. It's just the right thing to do.


@cengland0: It's stated in the description that there's a monthly fee.


@zapp brannigan: I realize that but it doesn't say it's required and doesn't say you have to have it for 2 years.


how stupid does one have to be to think they are going to get the product AND the service for free.