dealsusb 2.0 mini card reader for micro sd card for $0…


These are great -- I did a review of the Sandisk branded one on my blog, but I bought a fistful from Meritline for $0.89 each.

Good deal, and they work. :D

This is a limited use coupon, and you can only get one at this price.

I'll pass on buying once since I already bought a bunch from MeritLine, but you'd better hurry if you want this deal :)


Ordered. Super convenient - no need for a card reader with this.


gotta say the checkout process is super smooth too.
How the HeLL?! can they accept a credit card, ship all the way from China, include a product of some value... all for $.59?~!?!!! =J


I lose these all the time. Good for those tablets/cameras where you can't read directly off the card by plugging the device in.


Ive had one of these for a while. They work great, but when I left without a card in it plugged into my computer, it caused my computer to lock up on boot. Fluke?


@dash488: some computers(dells are notorious for this) have issues booting when a USB device is plugged into a port. chances are it was just a fluke or your PC may have get hung up on boot if you have this device plugged in even if USB booting is turned off.

BTW - 99% of the things you buy from meritline are super el cheapo and feel like they may break at any moment. Having said that I have still purchased 10-20 things from them including this deal :D