deals4-pair fila athletic socks – cozy pre-winter…


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Mostly acrylic and poly. Hello, sweaty feet.


at $1.50 for a pair of new low cut socks im willing to give em a shot. In for 2.


Quite a few good deals on there. I do need some new socks, and they have wool mens socks too which my hubby needs several new pairs of for the winter. Will have to look closely...


Some decent deals. The shipping seems a bit high though. There is no combined shipping if you order multiples. So each set of 4-pair FILA socks is $2.99+$2.99.. so $6 EACH. Not a bad deal but it just doesn't make sense why there isn't a shipping discount if you order multiples. Reminds me of scumbag eBay sellers making money off shipping but pretending they don't.


The only set of 4 pair that is the 2.99 price are the fila black andwhite ones. All the others, even the colorful one in the picture that says 2.99 are 5.99/set. I hate it when they bait and switch--I won't buy from this vendor.


I seleced several for stocking stuffers, during checkou noticed shipping was 17.00~ NO WAY!


In for 4 pair of fuzzy socks. Don't like the way they lead you to a political ad.


Charges individual shipping fees for each item being purchased. No thanks.


I bought these Fila socks on a previous Woot, but not from this vendor. The socks are great, they are not "hot and sweaty". Excellent quality.


$11.96 for 4 packs of 4 and shipping is $11.96 (I then increased it to 6 pairs for $17.94 and shipping was $17.94). I'm going to pass as their shipping has nothing to do with actual cost.


No combined shipping kills the deal for me.


Reseller ratings confirm this is pretty much a guaranteed rip off. Foolish to trust these con artists with your financial info IMO.


"We apologize for any confusion. In the past we have sold this item with SD cards, we now offer an option to select an SD card. If you wanted to select an 8 GB card at the time of purchase, you were welcome to do so. You chose "No Thanks"

They are right, I didnt order a separate SD card because it said in the description that it CAME with one.

So I request to have the item shipped or refund my money as I've never received the item. I was also told all sales are final after an item has shipped... EVEN THOUGH THE ITEM NEVER SHIPPED!!!! They tied this peace of you know what in a nice little bow. So here I am 21 days after ordering an item, with no item, a bogus tracking number and resigned to having to file a claim with my credit card company.

I wish I would have read these reviews before I bought it. Stay clear away from!


Thanks I am in for a few deals