deals15 pairs of women's fila no-show socks for $14.49…


Brace yourselves, ladies. This deal will knock your SOCKS OFF!!!! So double your order :P


Have bought Fila socks from company several times.Always in great condition and NEW.15 pair at $14.49 no tax and free shipping.You will not be sorry.


@almostheaven: never heard of anyone successfully sell used socks.


@procop: These days you never no if not stated.


@procop: Except, perhaps, for socks used by celebrities and sold on eBay.

Trivia: Once he became wealthy, Cary Grant was alleged to only wear NEW socks. Evidently he discarded a pair once he had worn them even once! Of course, this was pre-eBay days, but I suspect that some enterprising household staffer was savvy enough to sell the used ones.


They have a bunch of discontinued styles of Fila socks in a 5-pack for 4.99 at my local Big Lots right now. I picked up two packs (because who cares if my sock style is discontinued?), otherwise I'd probably grab these. They're super comfy :)