dealssamsonite 5 pc set for $99.99 + free shipping


These can be found on amazon, regularly, for under 99 dollars. not a good deal


Bought this set last time it was on deals.woot. You get what you pay for. After three trips, the wheeling handle has broken on the 22", zippers are off on two of the bags and there is fraying everywhere! You get what you pay for; pay the same price for a good 22" or 26" that will actually last.


Bought them before and I have used the carry-on one 4 times and it looks terrible! I am pretty careful with my luggage too (have never checked it). When I bought it I thought of the old Samsonite commercial and figured it was rugid enough to take the abuse from a gorilla, but now it looks more like something that came OUT of a gorilla (then I realized it was old American Tourister commercials that used the gorilla). sigh....