dealsfallout for pc & mac download for $2.99 + freeā€¦


Per their site announcement, Interplay is demanding more money so all Interplay titles are half off right now but the price will go up in a week.


G.O.G. has had some great stuff on sale recently. I HIGHLY recommend checking back every now and then (like, everyday!) as they often have great sales going on for classic games. Grabbed Kingpin, The Redneck Rampage Collection and grabbed the 4-game Wallace & Gromit collection for a grand total of about $10 today. Plus, they are DRM free. Seriously, go check them out. You will NOT be let down. There is something there for EVERYONE, and I am not even a big gamer by any means.


Sweet! I grabbed Fallout a while back when GOG had it that it has a Mac port I can actually play


Ive been slaying radscorpions for the last 6hrs... Worst $3 ever.... It has consumed my life and soul....must. Find. Water chip.